Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hint List of Stores

We are having a huge list of hints for you of the different kinds.
Some poethic some straight but all help you out if your are stuck insome store.

#1 B&T DesignZ : Admire her beautiful skin which is shining in the sun of the spring

#2 Carlo's Creations : Under the towering sunflowers a special gift for you.

#3 White Widow : You must be tired, why don't you have a sit?

#4 Urban STyles : It goes over your head, but not by much. Just look below and give it a touch.

#5 Razmataz Art, Poses & Animations : Feel Like you want to kiss

#6 CCCH : at the feet of the assistamt

#7 Paladin's Place : It's feeling a little under the weather

#8 saris creation's : You search me down rug

#9 [BedlaM] : In the asylum

#10 Aiden's Closet : I'M packed with fat

#11 Santero : Lay back get inked and and cam her bussom for your prize.

#12 PB Collection Ardigraf Design : In the Gala Area

#13 Toritire Clothiers : It isnt under wear but it is under there

#14 City Bakery & Gifts : A cutom order is just around the corner

#15 UNRAVEL : Help them to learn songs of joy instead of burn, let us show them how to play the pipes of peace

#16 Heaven`s Hell - Fashion Fantasies : At the men`s mainstore besides a really big sculpty

#17 The LOVE Huts : In the City of LOVE, climb the Tower to claim your prize!

#18 Tivenchy : Pansies hold the prize

#19 Ti Presents Allure : roses are red

#20 Melu Deco : between frame and wall

#21 Gumi's Bad Box : 4th floor, near half-broken column

#22 Mz. Shoes : It's Hot

#23 Evolve : Up the stairs and by a big glass window

#24 Adel Mistwood Jewel : Where the strange flowers grow nothing in vase

#25 AM Jewels @ Ipse Dixit : Where the Metal Comes

#26 Amore Weddings and Events : On a wild night they were swinging from the chandeliers!

#27 Slacy'S New York : If you feel lucky you will find the prize

#28 LillyeShapes : Under The Table

#29 SOHO : sand between your toes

#30 Kabuki Creations : " Look for it by the Standing Pose Section "

#31 >xXx*LUSH *BY* SAB*xXx< : Look for The Mini

#32 AlaFolie : Watch Your Step

#33 Lady Thera : under the statue

#34 *LP* Designs : discount selection near the window

#35 Lemania Indigo Designs : will be placed on staircase

#36 Ginevra Lancaster Ladies and Men's Fashion : "look under "

#37 storm couture fasion : It's near the stairs

#38 TOP SHELF MENS APPAREL : "look skyward around the statues"

We wish you much luck with it and hope you will find it easier and better

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Hunt will start in two days

Only 2 days left till the Kill for It - Hunt will start

This is the list of stores for you
B&T DesignZ will be the first location of the hunt and the place where you can get all information you need about stores, hints and the hunt itself.
The Hunt contains a never ending chain that means the last store has the landmark to the first one to go back to zero again.

Here comes the list of Stores:

#1 B&T DesignZ

#2 Carlo's Creations

#3 White Widow

#4 Urban STyles

#5 Razmataz Art, Poses & Animations


#7 Paladin's Place

#8 saris creation's

#9 [BedlaM]

#10 Aiden's Closet

#11 Santero

#12 PB Collection Ardigraf Design

#13 Toritire Clothiers

#14 City Bakery & Gifts


#16 Heaven`s Hell - Fashion Fantasies

#17 The LOVE Huts

#18 Tivenchy

#19 Ti Presents Allure

#20 Melu Deco

#21 Gumi's Bad Box

#22 Mz. Shoes

#23 Evolve

#24 Adel Mistwood Jewel

#25 AM Jewels @ Ipse Dixit

#26 Amore Weddings and Events


#28 LillyeShapes

#29 SOHO

#30 Kabuki Creations

#31 >xXx*LUSH *BY* SAB*xXx

#32 AlaFolie

#33 Lady Thera's

#34 *LP* Designs

#35 Lemania Indigo Designs

#36 Ginevra Lancaster Ladies and Men's Fashion

#37 storm couture


We wish you happy hunting and a great time, the hints are following soon on the blog
Best Wishes
Trent Riddler, Binny Lemon & Renesmee Valeur

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kill For It Hunt 2nd Version - Starting on 20th

Our Second Version of the
Kill For It Hunt
starts on 20th of june and lasts one month.
This time our size increased double
and we are having manymore cool stores in it

The Hunt is Unisex,
that means you can do it together wih your partner
and you both will get amazing stuff everytime.

All information you will get over the group and over the blog here.
The starting point is B&T DesignZ and from there it will go on to all the other stores.

We will see you at 20th

Best Wishes
Binny Lemon & Trent Riddler